Manufacturing Process



Step One : Sketching

To give form to the idea, it has first to be put down on paper. The initial, rough sketch is iterated to become, little by little, closer to a technical drawing with the main components and realistic dimensions.

Step Two : Modeling

papillon full scale2

The goal is to turn the sketch into a detailed numerical 3D model including all data needed for manufacturing.Step3 – MachiningThe Lab is equipped with CNC machines to manufacture every part, which enables to reach ultimate precision and quality.

Step Three : CNC Machining

The manufacturing procees is often operate on CNC machines to insure ultimate quality and absolute precision  . minding all the smallest details during the  operation is the key to achieve the excellence the Lab is aiming for .

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Step Four : Finishing

It includes two operations where manual expertise prevails . A mechanical operation, which purpose is to smoothe the texture of the raw or machined surface : each part goes through processes such as polishing, sand-blasting or brushing. A chemical surface coating operation to color and protect the parts. Depending on the material, it can consist in typical industry processes such PLV , chrome plating or anodising… Special treatments can also be applied for specific requests.



Step Five : Enshrining

Presenting the item may also be essential. The lab offers the capacity to devise the item discovery experience and to create the corresponding receptacle – static, dynamic, with special effects…

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