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Fab was born in 1979 in Geneva,the Capital of precision machining, watches and jewelery
Early on, he felt a profound interest for mechanical devices and wondered what objects are made of and how they work.
His first hands-on experience consisted in disassembling his mother’s household appliances such as the vacuum cleaner or robot cutters when he was 6.
In his teens, unlike his school mates, Fab used to play paintball for an international team at the professional level and would travel the world every other day. When he turned 18, he decided to quit the academic track to focus 100% on designing pneumatic paintball guns.
Having learnt industrial drawing on his own with university textbooks, he began to devise paintball systems on paper with an ink pencil . After 6 years sitting virtually full-time at the drawing table, he took courses that enabled him to move on to computer 3d drawing and to perform freelance designing jobs for customers in varied industries: paintball, of course, but also motorbike parts , toys …
He also took the chance to learn CNC machining during missions on manufacturing sites in the USA, Taiwan and Norway.
Since 2012, when the Lab was established, Fab kept widening his palette of skills as well as implemented numerous customized projects that carry a high emotional load for his customers or himself: luxury artifacts, gifts and their packaging, parts for mechanical sports… The common denominator is that he does it in-house from A to Z.

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